Application screenupdating excel vba normal dating timeline

Application screenupdating excel vba

application.screenupdating = false Is jut used to turn off the screen flickering which will make the code to run faster and it is used to speed up the performance of the macro alone I mean I have written a code for Worksheet_selectionchange event.In that code if we select the targeted cell then it will call some macro in it.

b) An welcher Stelle msste eine Message-Box "eingebaut" werden, die die Info ausgibt, dass nun alle Dateien zusammengefrt sind? Sub Zusammenfhren() 'Zusammenfuehren Liste R2 Application. Screen Updating = False Dim wkb Mappe As Workbook Dim str Mappe As String Dim lng Letzte1 As Long Dim lng Letzte2 As Long Dim bln Geschlossen As Boolean Worksheets(1). Worksheets(1) Do While str Mappe "" lng Letzte1 = .

Delete str Mappe = Dir("O:\ROE_Region2 Fall-Listen Region 2\*.xls") With This Workbook.

So every time when I select any cell in that worksheet the screen flickers. Sometimes me too experienced that with Worksheet Events but adding that screenupdating = false code made it to flicker even more with the Worksheet Change Event.

So I just stopped using screenupdating = false with worksheet events.

I guess the point is, if you're stepping through the code, you want/need to see what effect it is having on the worksheets.

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Hallo und guten Morgen, ich habe zwei Fragen zu dem nachfolgenden Makro, mit dem aus einem Verzeichnis die Daten von verschieden Excel-Listen (Excel2000) in einer Datei zusammengefhrt werden: a) Das sichtbare ffnen der einzelnen Dateien wollte ich mit Application.

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