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The damsel with the wide set, oh-so-innocent Bambi eyes that forever glisten with swelling emotion.Moviegoers are collectively awestruck by this adorable specimen in her girly, yet tomboyish attire, gleaming with the glow of patience as she teaches her damaged male love interest the poignant lesson of loving with an open heart.

She's non-threatening, “relatable” and undeniably lovable. She's simply void of the fear of getting crushed, and if she is afraid — it's a contrived, surface fear that's squashed the very moment the hazel-eyed bad boy presses his pouty lips against hers, and swears he's changed his unsavory ways and will love her until the end of time.

We, on the other hand, are the girls society deemed “guarded”— not exactly a coveted trait.

Writing anyone off as anything is overly simplistic and prevents us from discovering the fascinating truth.

Which is odd because the truth is always far more loaded, interesting and dynamic than fiction.

Hollywood finds us highly unmarketable, and rarely are we represented in pop culture (and when we are, it's not exactly an authentic portrayal).

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Being guarded is almost always seen, oddly, as a masculine quality — for it's always the broodingly handsome, testosterone-laden rocker guy in the movie who has his walls up.

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