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Since the skin on your chest may be more sensitive than the skin on your legs, for example, you may want to test one of these hair removal/camouflage options on a small area first, to be sure you do not experience any negative reactions.Obesity can cause a complicated chemical chain reaction that results in increased androgens, worsening hirsutism (in addition to being an important health risk factor in many other ways).

I have been shaving it, but it just grows back within a few days or so. Sincerely, CONFUSED AND HAIRY Dear CONFUSED AND HAIRY, When a woman grows hair in locations that don't usually bear hair in women, it's called "hirsutism." The hair typically crops up in areas where men tend to have hair — in the mustache or beard region, on the chest, or on the lower abdomen.As you mention, many women who experience this kind of hair growth feel quite embarrassed about it.You're savvy to guess that this could be due to a hormone problem.If the hair on your chest continues to cause you distress you may keep removing it, however you may also eventually decide to live and let live. Some conditions that may cause this kind of hair growth include: Although most women with hirsutism do not have serious conditions causing their hair growth, it may be important for you to visit your health care provider to discuss your concerns.

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