Updating the bestiary the witcher

Updating the bestiary the witcher

Prioritize getting yourself some new saddlebags, as there's a lot of loot to collect in 's quest tracking system isn't the best, so it's a good idea to learn what the in-game map and journal can and can't do as quickly as you can.

All quests are tracked in your journal, filed under Story Quests, Secondary Quests, and Witcher Contracts.

Fortunately for you, we've already run the gauntlet. Given all of that, the advice should be obvious: rob 'em blind. Note that Crowns are the main form of currency in , provided you've discovered the right locations.

You can only travel when you interact with one of the signposts scattered throughout the world (at which point the world map pops up), and you can only use them to travel to other signposts.

Hover the pointer over the harbor you'd to travel to — harbors are represented by little, white anchor icons — and click on it. You can nudge the control stick at any time to change course (handy when you come to a crossroads) and then let go to let horse auto-pilot take over again.Most of these, when selected, highlight the next quest destination on your world map.Roach also has equipment slots: for saddlebags (increases Geralt's carry capacity), blinders (improves Roach's fear level), saddle (increases Roach's stamina), and monster trophies.The last of these apply an assortment of different buffs depending on the monster they come from, but the other three are typically found in treasure chests or for sale by merchants.They're marked on the minimap as green, sign-shaped icons, and there's one to be found near just about every major landmark (and many minor ones as well) in the game.

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If a "New Marker Found" message appears on your screen, you've discovered a new fast-travel location. Boats also allow for fast-travel to any harbor location.

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