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a very good actor hope to see him a long long time good skill he get good choice for not being the first lead cause he could play various roles he is very good in cold one and we can see him longer and often he has amazing face like a greece statue perfect and don't talk about his body and his amazing voice perfect too You're are talented actor.. I mean, before this, his model-turn-actor aura is still there whenever he act, but this time, i can totally see him acting like a real dongsaeng to Hwang Jung Eum. I'm jut pointing out that even if he is a very lovely character in this dramas he seems to always end up alone , and I'm very curios to know why Is he always getting the second lead character instead of the main and why is he always ending up alone ? Dunno what to say again buh seriously I like his long nose!

I loved yoir acting..smile.gaze.Oopa i'm tired watching you as second lead....please comeback with main lead role...

Lee Soo Hyuk's acting seems to have improve, like a lot, expecially in Lucky Romance. I have been a total fan since the good old Vampire Idol days back in 2011. Valid love would have been choosing your character. And since I saw him there I decided to buy Valid love jut for the fact that he bis on it I haven't seen it jet , But I have read a lot of comments of people saying that he ends up alone again in this Korean Drama, SO KNOW IM VERY CONCERN about if he is going to end up again alone in his new drama as a vampire Gwi . He's young and manly, I must say he got a cute way of expressing himself in his act that I always think it reality, awwwwwwwww!

It's frustrating when you can't have the guys like him and you can only see them on screen. What drew me to this actor in the first place was his voice. Makes you think of velvet, dark chocolate, champagne, and... XD Doesn't hurt that he's so freaking good-looking, too. beggining searching yr history .i just finished watched several movie which you act in ...there have many more...still work hard..(ha3)..your short smile Base of film watched you act yeah... cant wait to see you on lucky romance.month..also love ... Your face are my sources of encouragement for now....hemmmm He is so crazy talented it hurts!! The Gwi role was over the top good and I enjoyed you in Valid Love (but the story ending was unsatisfactory and unrealistic) for the circumstances presented. I saw Va;id Love and I could see sexiness oozing out of his every pores.... His acting has improved so much and he looks like a demi-god. His mysterious looks, low voice and he's tall and lean! altho i like who the drama ended I didn't like that he wasn't given the chance to stay with the girl. So Im pretty sure that all the people will support my request of asking that please choose a drama for this great actor where he is the main character or the second one , but he atleast ends up with the main girl or the second main girl character . ( Hopefully he will end up with Kim So-Eun in this next drama of Scholar Who Walks the Night ) Lee Soo-Hyuk Seriously each time I watch his drama I come watching over again! U make every bad thing look good....u r incredibly handsome that I'm suddenly at lost for words I never thought i will like him. I am now falling in love with him, specially in his character in Valid love. soo hyuk oppa i will always follow & wait for your next project$$$.

I've seen him various times hanging around Gdragon and Top and some other YG people. It would never be any girls described dream man but he has he is the ultimate dream man once you see him. by that time he only starred in small roles in some dramas such as vampire idol n what's up. I so love yr voice........u r super cute....i really really wan to see your more drama.........wishing u all the best!!! Lee Soo-Hyuk please stop picking these depressing scripts, you deserve better. i became lee soo hyuk's fan since I watched 2ne1 MV "It Hurts" He's absolutely hawwwwwwwwwt and unique yet unusual!!!! I was happy to hear that you starred in a drama (who walks the night) as a vampire. For me, you will always be one and only good vampire. The first time I saw you, I was mesmerized by your pretty face and of curse your acting skills I've been of yr fan since King Of High School Life Conduct, Your acting is so amazing,u r trying the best...... I hope you succes for the next drama or film as a lead man. He'd definitely experience some more hurt in that genre. I always thought you would be a great vampire.( even though vampire idol sucks). I wanted you to be in a good vampire drama/movie.anyway, I will always support you. You best fit the role of a vampire in the drama called 'The scholar who walks the night'. @Ren I agree with you wholeheartedly, but why a melodrama?'I'm not sure what's more depressing, the fact this stuff is happening to foreigners so close to the Olympic Games or the fact that Brazilians have to live in a society that enables this absolute bullshit on a daily basis,' Lee wrote online.'I was umming and ahhing about whether I should even make a complaint. I mean he looks like he could rule the world with his hot appearance. Your first movie I watched was tree with deep roots and right from the first scene you showed I was like who on earth is this cute guy? I look forward to seeing more of your movies You are a handsome, hugely talented man. Loved your performance and how you portrayed your character. Love the emotions which touched our hearts causing us to want to hug, protect, and fall in love with you! Will definitely look for much more of your projects! since...i know you fm Scholar Who Walks the starting watching Korean movie n drama.... Really talented actor and have been waiting for next role. TIme for you to take on a leading role with really good writers using your talents efficiently and effectively. I've been his fan since I saw the drama White Christmas and a very boring film of his where he was the lead- The boy from Ipanema and then saw him in my most fav' girl band 2NE1's MV- It hurts... I didn't see all his dramas and film but I can definitely say that he can really be the next Kang Dong Won if he tried a bit harder. Lee Soo Hyuk oppa, fighting^^ First saw him in King of HS...loved him instantly. I immediately watched his last drama Valid Love....i cried buckets! I saw him for the first time in King of High school, altho his character there look very shadow and apart from people at first toward the half of the serie, he seem to love the girl , and I found very sad that he did end up with the lead girl. hope to watch more of your Korean movies or dramas on channel M. without a doubt in mind I can't take my eyes off of u n always wonder to myself "why are u so handsome"? Im hoping that someday i will see u in Running man. well this is my first time writing a comment for korean actor, and its for lee soo hyuk! because he's totally cool & gorgeous (& fashion king ke ke ke) no wonder you're very stylish cause your background from modelling.. This actor seems to have an alternate period in time look about him.....

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You have humble charisma that touches hearts - your audience fall in love with you! Just finished watching Neighborhood Hero (Local Hero). You are such an easy talent and comfortable performer! They really look similar..if there are any writers out there or casting directors, I'd seriously think about doing something w/these two in it together...is a can't lose combination. Now it is the time for him to lead films and dramas and not be second lead since he earned it already... I really hope in his next drama he can be the main lead. this actor seems to be good in all of those besides being a very handsome good looking guy. i sick watching him hurting......anymore...jeabal.. make him the lead actor this time..song ji hyo.a melodrama, romance genre. Everytime when i see him i think he is a Vampire a sexy cute and charismatik vampire :) i wish to see you more in dramas but pls take the girls everytime when they chose the other one i hate them so much taa dappun saram -.- ,i hate it to see you sad but i think that emotion on your face is the reason- that i like you be Happy Fighting ♡ hi Mr. I am a big fan, I love to watch Valid Love because of you. But now i starting loving you because of your acting and your cute personality X) known you for the first time in valid love and fell in love with you ,ur acting the way you talk and even when you are angry and your voice is wow...gonna stalk u form now and watch all your movies..sarangeh To be honest this drama confuses me a lot because I will always get shocked due to certain things I didn't notice or pay much attention to, however I can say that I love watching u in "Valid Love" because your appearance is just so amazing that it troubled me to know that a certain guy like you is alive. I wish he at least speak Japanese because then he should play Saitou from Hakuouki, if Hakuoki were to ever get a live action and if he spoke Japanese. He reminds me of Kim Jae-Wook who I would say is very similar in their, how should I put this..... Kim Jae-Wook has a very sophisticated, honorable, classy gentlemanly look about him. I look forward to seeing him in more projects in the future :) Lee Soo-Hyuk, You were GREAT in "Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus".

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