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“Sarah is really sweet but Sarah and Kim don’t get along. Misa also goes on to say she thinks Puffy is still bitter and wants her (I doubt that): Yes, he still is bitter. I have love for him and he’s my family and I’m going to always support him and have his back. Kim’s son is not going to get more than my son because of that. Because if you could come and stay here and pop in and out when you wanted to then it wouldn’t be a problem.

But, when you can have everything sometimes and you can’t have that one little thing, you are not use to that. I’m not saying he’s actively trying to pursue me but I get a hard time sometimes. So you are not going to put me at a disadvantage because we are really broken up and I’ve moved on.

That ghetto personality that she works so hard to conceal came out of her. So she’s gotta go through all the bs I had to go through back in the day. Misa on why she took Puff to court to increase her child support: The money is relative to him. ) are able to have different extracurricular activities, they have tutors, they have programs that they are in.

The next time she tried to call me I refused to answer my phone. Sarah has been around as long as Kim, alot of people don’t know that. This is over 15-16 years ago so we’ve all been around a long time. People say, “oh it doesn’t take that much”, you don’t know how much tuition is. They have to have security which is very expensive on a weekly basis.

The ones who let him catch them — and impregnate them — are set for life unless he loses his fortune in a banking collapse or the worsening recession.

I’ll never forget shooting an event for her for free back in 2007, and the next day she called me. Instead, she ranted and raged because I didn’t put the pictures up on my site quickly enough.

My entire perception of her changed in that one phone call.

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs has quite an interesting history with females.

He’s pursued more women over the years than anyone can count.

Isn’t it ironic that Kim and Sarah are about the same age but Sarah is aging beautifully while Kim isn’t? I joke around sometimes and say “They are like my sister-wives.” I try to keep everything good and we want Kim to accept Chance but she’s not ready yet . There are alot of things that people don’t take in consideration that this money goes to.

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That’s because Kim has no inner peace and it shows. We don’t sit and get a check and throw it up in the air and say “yea what am I going to do with this today”. What wasn’t going to happen to me before I went to court, is because I’m not with you or sleeping with you.

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