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She lives here in New Zealand but teaches intensives and teacher trainings internationally, and is the author of several well loved yoga books including and consider it in relation to our recent video interview with yoga teacher Mark Whitwell on The Definition of a Yoga Teacher.Donna: First let me say that I always capitalize the word Yoga to reflect that it is a 5,000 year old spiritual tradition and therefore should be recognized accordingly, like the word Buddhism.Donna: One of my students in Amsterdam once said that he felt “an invisible message in between the lines of every instruction.” Regardless of whether we are teaching meditation, pranayama, asana, Yoga Nidra, or speaking about the philosophy of Yoga, I believe that ultimately what is shared is the modeling of the teacher being completely authentic within themselves and present within the moment.I think it is impossible to define what the relationship between a Yoga teacher and student is because that depends on the teacher and it depends on the student and the degree of connection, commitment and intention on the part of one or both parties.

Ditto 'body love', ‘Patience’ and ‘forgiving those who’ve wronged us'.‘OMG, I can’t believe YOU eat meat / get injuries / were found drunk in the gutter’ … Donna Farhi is a world renowned yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for thirty nine years, and teaching it since 1982.Did you come to yoga to just ‘chill, get some me time, y’know ? We don't like it when you leave before Savasana, for the same reason that Jamie doesn’t like you taking your lemon chicken out of the oven ten minutes early. And yet we have the gall to call ourselves yoga teachers. In an average class, there’ll be a depressed person, a blissed-out person, and a one-bitten-fingernail-away-from-going-postal person. But if think our class it’s “not as good as my other teacher, Satya’s” know that it’s impossible to please everyone. The people who tell you how amaaaaazing yoga is are usually the ones who don’t turn up regularly. Turn up when you’re irritable as hell, then have the balls to take three deep breaths without running away. There’s also meditation, philosophy and a bunch of other stuff. So cry if you need to cry, be grumpy if you need to be grumpy. (And Satya’s real name is Karen, by the way.)After a long week telling people to breathe in and out, there’s nothing better than lying on the couch to watch a jolly good beheading on If the class theme is ‘equanimity’, chances are we're trying not to take it personally that two people turned up to last night's class. You don’t have to be spiritual, or even a nice person to try – but if you decide to take it seriously, your life will turn upside down. We admire you more than you realise just for turning up.

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So when we manually adjust your pose, we’re just helping you to align …. Wow, yes, do answer your texts during the forward bends. Like you, most of us can't put our foot behind our head. I myself mouthed swear words through my first five years of practice.

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